Institutional Commitment to Anti-Racism

Read our institutional commitment to anti-racism that sets out the key areas of focus for our evolving anti-racist strategy. 


Anti-Racism Steering Group

Learn about the work of the Anti-Racism Steering Group and how it is driving cultural and structural change. 

Bristol’s Race Equality Strategic Leaders Group

Find out about how we work with all public sector organisations as a member of Bristol’s Race Equality Strategic Leaders Groupto collectively tackle race inequality across the city. 

Anti-racism involves actively opposing racism and advocating for changes to structures, processes and policies that will produce racial equity between racial groups.  Being anti-racist requires each of us to examine our own understanding of racism and to take shared ownership and accountability for disrupting all forms of racism across our organisation.  This is the basis for our Being Anti-Racist development programme.


Led by Professor Jason Arday, Professor of Sociology of Education at the University of Glasgow, and Dr Matt Jacobs, Honorary Research Associate at the University of Bristol, the Being Anti-Racist: ACT programme is designed to help participants develop a greater understanding of how each of us has a crucial role in tackling racism.

The programme will feature talks from experts within and outside the University, plus a final panel discussion giving participants the chance to further explore topics raised.  

The journey to becoming anti-racist is a continuous one and we have created a detailed catalogue of resources in the Being Anti-Racist SharePoint to support participants learning. 

Staff and PGR students can sign up to the Being Anti-Racist Programme on Develop. 

Ethnicity Pay Reporting

As part of our wider commitment to improve the representation of minority ethnic people across our workforce, we have developed and published Ethnicity Pay Gap Reports.

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