Stand Up Speak Out

Stand up speak out

Stand Up Speak Out is our campaign to encourage colleagues to take action against bullying, harassment and other forms of unacceptable behaviour they may experience or witness at work. We want all of our staff to be active bystanders and to feel confident in challenging all forms of unacceptable behaviour in the workplace.

Acceptable Behaviour at Work – Policy statement and guidance

The policy and guidance sets out our approach to tackling unacceptable behaviour in the workplace.                                  

Active Bystander training

This training empowers staff to challenge unacceptable behaviours and is included on Develop as part of our Essential Training under Inclusion Essentials 2: Challenging Unacceptable Behaviours.

Acceptable Behaviour Service

A network of staff volunteers trained to provide an informal advisory service to staff experiencing unacceptable behaviour, bullying or harassment at work. 

Statement on Anti-Racism

This sets out expectations we have of all staff to support our institutional commitment to anti-racism.                                                                                                                                          


Learn more about the subtle, less obvious forms of unacceptable behaviours, the impact they have and what you can do.                                                                                   


Guidance for staff on how to make a formal complaint and report hate crime.                                                                                                                            

Stand Up Speak Out engages everybody in the cultural change that is required to build a diverse and inclusive University community where people from the broadest possible range of backgrounds can reach their full potential and thrive at work. We have a personal responsibility to treat each other in the way we would wish to be treated ourselves. Together we can create an environment where everybody can reach their full potential without fear of harassment, prejudice or discrimination.

Claire Buchanan, Chief People Officer

We will only be able to enjoy our work and achieve our individual and collective ambitions through team work, mutual respect and equity. It is important that staff feel able to speak out for themselves or others if they see or experience unacceptable behaviour.

Jeremy Tavare, Dean, Faculty of Life Sciences – Stand Up Speak Out Champion
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