Additional fees

Additional postgraduate research fees

Fee typeFee description2014/152015/162016/17
Continuing research fee Payable in year 4 and beyond by PhD students (full- and part-time) who have not completed their research and are continuing to make use of University facilities Pro-rata of the full-time fee
Writing-up fee Payable by students still writing their thesis in year 5 £455 £470 £485
Resubmission fee Payable to resubmit a research-degree thesis for examination £580 £600 £620

Bench fees

Some programmes charge a bench fee in addition to tuition fees. Bench fees are charged on the basis of whether a programme (or specific project) will incur specific extra costs – usually associated with specialist laboratory or field work.

If a programme has bench fee as standard, this will be stated in the online programme finder. And if you are made an offer of admission to a programme and a bench fee is applicable, this will be stated on your offer letter.

Bench fees are set and administered by schools and departments. If you have any questions, please contact your Programme Director or email

Submission fees for published work

Fee type Non-staff feesStaff feesNon-staff feesStaff feesNon-staff feesStaff fees
Registration fee £1,420 £710 £1,470 £735 £1,520 £760
Submission fee (payable to the exams office) £710 £710 £735 £735 £760 £760