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Notification of Bursary awards

31 August 2018

Bursary awards for new and continuing students in 2018/19.

The following bursaries are awarded to students based upon household income which the University receives from the Student Loans Company:

In order for the University to receive the household income, both the student and their parent(s) or guardian(s), need to provide their regional funding provider with consent to share this information. Please ensure that you have given consent to share this information so that there is no delay in processing your award.

During September, the Student Funding Office will be downloading the household income data for approximately 15,000 students and then processing the data required to generate the awards. During this time please do not contact the Student Funding Office to ask if you will receive an award because this will slow down the processing of the awards for all students. We anticipate that for the majority of students this work will be completed by mid-October.

Students who are awarded a bursary will receive an email informing them about this.

Following online registration, details of any bursaries and scholarships that have been awarded will be visible in students' financial statements, which are also visible via the MyBristol portal.

Students who receive one of the above awards will be asked to enter their bank details via the MyBristol portal. It is important to do this to avoid delays in receiving the payments. It is possible to enter bank details in advance of receiving the award notification. Please see instructions on how to enter your bank details.

If you have any other queries about the funding process, or if you need guidance with your application for government funding from your regional funding provider, please email

Student Funding Office
Education Services
University of Bristol