Wellcome Trust Master's Award in Humanities and Social Science

This scheme supports individuals to undertake any humanities or social science Master's course which has a predominant focus on human and/or animal health.

The award is for one year, and includes:

See the Wellcome Trust website for further details.

Please note the University may only put forward one candidate per year, therefore you should contact the Student Funding Office in the first instance.

Application process

  1. Applicant needs to apply for a place on a relevant Master's course.
  2. Applicant needs to send the following supporting documents to the Student Funding Office by 11th March 2018:
    • A well-written personal statement from the applicant, which includes:
      • their reason for wanting to do the Master's;
      • evidence of clear alignment of the proposed programme of study to the aims of the WT award;
      • their plans for career development after the Master's;
      • the applicant ID number.
    • A supporting statement from the school (from the programme director or future supervisor).

The Student Funding Office will contact the Trust to confirm the details of their chosen candidate by 23rd March 2018.

The Wellcome Trust will then contact the nominated student to invite them to complete the application form using the Wellcome Trust grant tracker.


Please return the supporting documents by 11th March 2018 to: student-funding@bristol.ac.uk.