Lloyd Robinson sporting awards

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Lloyd Robinson sporting awards

A few scholarships are awarded each year to students of exceptional sporting ability who demonstrate great need, for instance those who may require additional funding to compete at national level competition and above.

Who should apply?

You can apply for a Lloyd Robinson fund if you:

  • Are a current Performance Squad member AND
  • Are able to demonstrate a need for funding AND
  • Display exceptional sporting ability

What is it?

  • An award worth up to £250 per year
  • Recipients are required to become members of the High Performance Sports Squad.

How do I apply?

For further information please contact Matt Paine, Performance Sport Manager at Matt.Paine@bristol.ac.uk or on 0117 331 1117.

Additional Scholarship Opportunities

Additional scholarships are available to support Bristol University students. For further information please visit the Sport, Exercise and Health website.

When is the deadline?

Applications are now open.

Bristol University enables talented athletes to study and reach their academic potential in conjuncture with furthering and developing their sporting achievements.