Recent Visiting Fellows

Yongjing Wang Yongjing Wang

“My main colleague was Dr Guoxing Yu and I have been deeply impressed with his dedication and enthusiasm. Dr Yu helped shape my reading list and we met regularly to discuss potential publications and research grants.

“During my visit, I attended school-wide seminars given by GSoE staff and PHD students as well as experts from other Universities. I also participated in other University events at the Victoria Rooms and the Wills Memorial Building.”

“My visit has helped me to further my research in language assessment and gave me the opportunity to reflect on ways I can improve my teaching methods.”

“On my return to China, I will continue to work with Guoxing, we are planning a collaborative research proposal on language testing.”

Area of visiting research attachment: Research in language testing and assessment
Date of visit: 21 September 2011 -01 September 2012
GSoE collaborator: Dr Guoxing Yu
Host research centre: Centre for Assessment and Evaluation Research (CAER)
Visit funder:
Beijing Institute of Technology (BIT) and The China Scholarship Council (CSC)
Current position: Associate Professor, Foreign Languages School,  Beijing Institute of Technology (BIT)

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Dr. David Martín Santos Melgoza David Santos

“The staff members I worked with were friendly and willing to give me suggestions and direction when I needed it. Even though I’m now back in Mexico, I’m continuing to work with colleagues I met on my visit”.

“Discussion around the topic of learning within a micro-world has allowed me to build theoretical frameworks for maths education. During the year, I was able to write some papers, some of which I also had the opportunity to present in congresses including European Association for Research on Learning and Instruction(EARLI) and British Society for Research into Learning Mathematics (BSRLM). “Back in my home country, I have also presented some of the work that was produced during my visit and at the moment we are making a collaborative bid between Universidad Autónoma Chapingo and the University of Bristol”.

 “I really enjoyed being part of the life of the department and participated in several activities and events organized by the University. Many questions arose from seminars and meetings we had which has enriched my work. There was also a nice community of enthusiastic visiting fellows here and overall my visit was wonderful, I learnt a lot”.

Area of visiting research attachment:  Research on maths education
Date of visit: 1 September 2010-31 August 2011
GSoE collaborators: Laurinda Brown and Dr Tim Jay
Host research centre: Centre for Learning, Knowing and Interactive Technologies (L-KIT)
Visit funder:
Universidad Autónoma Chapingo and Consejo Nacional de Ciencia y Tecnología (CONACYT), Mexico
Current position: Professor at Chapingo University High School Department

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Dr Jee-Young Park Jee-Young Park

"I enjoyed the diversity of situations where I could interact with a range of people to talk about numerous issues.  For example, I had plenty of opportunities to participate in seminars, and led a reading group in science education.  I gave a seminar within the Learning, Knowing and Interactive Technologies (LKIT) Centre which was very supportive during my visit.

"My visit also gave me the opportunity to attend a public engagement event called ‘Discover’ held in Bristol, work with Professor Erduran and a doctoral student in developing a teacher training DVD, and attend a week-long colloquium organised by the European Association for Research in Learning and Instruction.

"This year in Bristol has broadened my vision in academia.  Through meeting with many international science educators, I obtained face to face experience of the science education network.  Also I could build up my academic work through talking and meeting with Professor Erduran.  I was very lucky to participate in many research activities with her, and she gave me valuable advice for my academic life.

"I am thankful to National Research Foundation of Korea and Graduate School of Education at the University of Bristol and Professor Erduran for giving me the opportunity of visiting as a postdoctoral researcher.  I have learned a lot from my experiences in Bristol."

Area of visiting research attachment: Research on argumentation
Date of visit: October 2009-March 2010
GSoE collaborator: Professor Sibel Erduran
Host research centre: Centre for Learning, Knowing and Interactive Technologies (L-KIT)
Visit funder: National Research Foundation of Korea
Current position: Postdoctoral researcher at Seoul National University, Korea.

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Wang GangWang Gang

“The Graduate School of Education (GSoE) offered a distinctive experience for my visit.  The knowledgeable professors, friendly classmates and research intensive atmosphere have been engraved upon my memory.  Although it was only a period of 6 months, it helped to enhance both my academic skills and general transferable research skills. 

There were various workshops, reading groups and seminars addressing research-related issues, which provided a platform to exchange ideas on interdisciplinary research, research methods and specific research topics.

It was also exciting and encouraging to meet people who shared my research interests.  I really enjoyed visiting the GSoE."

Area of visiting research attachment:Recognition for foreign diplomas and qualifications
Date of visit: Academic year 2009/10
GSoE collaborators: Professor Susan Robertson and Professor Roger Dale
Host research centre: Globalisation, Education and Societies (GES)
Visit funder: Xiamen Univerisity
Current position: Researching Higher Education at Institute of Education, Xiamen University, China.

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