Equality, diversity and inclusion

As Head of the School it is my job to assure that the School provides a collegial, friendly and equitable working environment for all staff and students. On the basis of an assessment of the culture of equality and diversity in the School, we received an Athena SWAN Bronze Award in 2015. While our School fares well statistically in many areas of equality and diversity with many examples of good practice, this process led to the realisation that there is still much that we can do to develop a long-lasting strategy to do even better. The action plan that emerged from our submission represents the trailhead down a path that will assure equality in the workplace for current and future members of the School.

Professor Michael Walter, Head of the School of Earth Sciences

Supporting women in Earth Sciences

We are committed to good employment practices and a supportive working environment for all staff.

In particular we are striving to address the unequal representation of women in science and to improve career progression for female academics. Over 60% of our undergraduates and postgraduates are women - our mission is to ensure these young women enjoy a nurturing and supportive environment during their time with us, and give them every encouragement and opportunity to pursue a career in science.

We are working together, across the School, to ensure we have a fair and stimulating working environment that will benefit both men and women. We continuously review our working practices to ensure that all staff and students are well supported in their work and study.

We've received an Athena SWAN bronze award in recognition of our commitment to advancing women's careers within science.


Positioning ourselves as world-leading researchers and teachers invariably creates demands for everyone in the school; a supportive environment is therefore a key part of our culture. One of the many ways we ensure that is by enabling both women and men to have a good work-life balance, which respects their personal responsibilities as well as their professional aspirations.

Professor Tim Gallagher, Dean of the Faculty of Science


For further information please contact Dr Jeremy Phillips, Equality and Diversity Officer.

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