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School Seminar - Dr David Floess - University of Geneva

24 April 2014, 4 pm

Melt segregation in the Muroto Gabbroic Intrusion, Cape Muroto – Japan

School Seminar - Professor Gerhard Wörner

8 May 2014, 4 pm

Magmatism in the Central Andes from crystal to crustal scales

Alumni Association Annual Lecture

8 May 2014, 6.30 pm

Alumni Association Annual Lecture: ‘Shale-Fracking: Good or Breaking Bad?’

Hotstuff Seminar - Dr Mattia Pistone - University of Bristol

9 May 2014, 1 pm

The influence of volatiles on the interaction of mafic and felsic magmas

W.J. Sollas Lecture Series - Professor Nick McCave - University of Cambridge

12 May 2014, 4 pm

Wind, dust and flow of the present and past Antarctic Circumpolar Current

School Seminar - Prof Neil Mancktelow - ETH Zurich

15 May 2014, 4 pm

Late magmatic healed fractures in granitoids and their influence on subsequent solid-state deformation