Live Streaming with Re/Play

Automated live streaming is available in rooms with Re/Play recording boxes. This will only be possible where teaching is being recorded already (ie for sessions timetabled as ‘lectures’ or those where a special request has been made to timetabling for the session to be recorded). It starts automatically at times taken from central timetable data.

Streaming will only take place if it is requested for a teaching block. Unit Directors or Heads of School (or their delegates) should request streaming for a unit. Requests should be submitted to the IT Service desk and contain the unit code, unit name, teaching block, and name of requestor. The request should be made at least 48 hours prior to the session, for the link to the stream to be available to students in time.

The stream will include what is normally recorded by Re/Play (ie the audio and the projected content). In rooms with cameras, the camera image can be included in the stream by requesting it as part of the streaming request submitted to the IT Service desk.

For information on how students view the stream in Blackboard, see Live streaming of lectures in Re/Play – what you need to know.

Currently, we are working to enable manual streaming using ‘Record Now’ for teaching spaces which have Re/Play boxes. In the meantime, we recommend using Teams, Collaborate or Zoom for manual streaming – see IT Services’ DIY interactive guidance.