Mobile learning

Recent years have seen significant growth in the use of mobile devices. Most students now have a mobile phone and many have internet-enabled smart phones. Amongst staff and students the use of tablet computers is also increasing.

The university's TEL Strategy reflects the need to extend our mobile provision, listing amongst the goals:
"Enabling students and staff to get access wherever and whenever they wish on the devices and platforms of their choice to academic and organisational sources - the Mobile University."

Case studies

Further reading

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Practical help

There are a selection of Blackboard guides on making courses mobile-friendly.

Please contact us with any problems or questions.


Things to think about include:

  • What activities or parts of your course are likely to be accessed on a mobile device?
  • Will you make any changes to the content, tests or quizzes, or media formats to make them mobile-friendly?
  • Will all of your students have or need a mobile device? How will any differences affect them?
  • If mobile use will be important, will you need to test the content on a range of devices?