MLwiN versions


My MLwiN download does not work

Please go to MLwiN ordering FAQs for the answer to this enquiry

Trial versions

Can I use the tutorial /Lemma version of MLwiN to practice loading my own data (in SPSS/Stata /Minitab) into MLwiN, or do I need the full version for this?

Data input and output for the teaching version of MLwiN is limited to specially marked MLwiN worksheets, so you will not be able to load your data files using this version.

MLwiN training/full version

What is the difference between the training, the trial version and the full version?

The training version of MLwiN has identical functionality to the full MLwiN except that it can only read specially marked worksheets. The trial version is exactly the same as version 2.36 except that it expires after 30 days.

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