• Dr Daniel Say "Multi-platform measurements for the evaluation of UK and Indian hydrofluorocarbon emissions". Dan is now a Research Associate in the ACRG.


  • Dr Mark Lunt "Bayesian inversion frameworks for the evaluation of greenhouse gas emissions at global and national scales"
  • Dr Angelina Wenger "Measurements and modelling of CH4 and CO2 isotopes in the UK"


  • Dr Ping Xiao "Global modelling of CHBr3 and CH2Br2 based on AGAGE measurements"


  • Dr Alex Archibald  “Numerical studies on dispersion and degradation of atmospheric trace gases”. After leaving Bristol Alex worked as a Post-Doctoral researcher in the Centre for Atmospheric Sciences at the University of Cambridge under the supervision of Prof. John Pyle.
  • Dr Mike Cooke  “Global modelling of atmospheric trace gases using the CRI mechanism”. After graduating worked in the Satellite Observations group of the Met. Office in Exeter.
  • Dr Aoife Grant  “Measurements and modelling of Tropospheric Hydrogen and Carbon Monoxide” Post-graduation worked as a Research Associate in the ACRG here at Bristol.
  • Dr Róisín Walsh  “High frequency observations and analysis of OVOCs using gas chromatography-mass spectrometry”.


  • Dr Stephen Henshaw  “Trends and patterns in urban air pollution in the UK”. 
  • Dr Fredrick Peterson  “An experimental investigation into dispersion mechanisms on urban and regional scales” 
  • Dr Iain White  “Novel applications of chemical tracers in the atmosphere and trace pollutant monitoring” 


  • Dr Paul Hammer "Photochemistry of the Antarctic Boundary Layer". After leaving Bristol he went to the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, California under the NASA Postdoctoral Programme investigating the processes controlling the global distribution of ozone using observations from the tropospheric emission spectrometer and aircraft in conjunction with 4D-Variational data assimilation
  • Dr Md. Anwar Kahn “Development and deployment of a GC-ECD device for halocarbon and alkyl nitrate measurement in the atmosphere”. 
  • Dr Laura Watson "Development and application of chemical mechanisms in atmospheric modelling"
  • Dr Emma Yates "Development of instrumentation and measurements of non-methane hydrocarbons at a remote background site". Following a position at the Met Office Emma went to the Ames research group Atmospheric Science Division in California under the NASA Postdoctoral Programme measuring Carbon Dioxide and Methane Concentrations in Railroad Valley, Nevada, to support GOSAT Satellite Validation and Global Flux Research
  • Dr Dickon Young "Development of a pre-concentration system for the determination of Atmospheric Oxygenated Volatile Organic Compunds". After graduation Dickon spent some time as a Research Associate with the ACRG, and now runs his own company.


  • Dr Md. Iqbal Mead  "Measurement of atmospheric halocarbons in the boundary layer".
  • Dr Gabriella Sanchez-Reyna “Modelling the production and transport of PM10 mass concentration from the local to the regional scale”. 


  • Dr Catheryn Price  She now works for Cambridge Environmental Research Consultants


  • Dr Alison Rivett  "Volatile Organic Compounds: Their Sources, Behaviour and Impact in an Urban Environment". She now works as Primary Science Outreach Consultant for Bristol ChemLabS


  • Ms. Stephanie Olivier worked on chromatographic development for the tracer program for 6 months between 2000-2001.


  • Dr. Kim Cooke joined our group as a postdoc from 1998-2000 and worked on tracer release experiments in Birmingham UK under the URGENT thematic program. On leaving Bristol she went to work for SIRA, an environmental consultancy in the South East of England.
  • Dr. Lorraine Hudson "The determination of source regions for halocarbon transport to Mace Head".  


  • Dr. Claudia Dimmer "The abundance and seasonal cycles of biogenic halocarbons".  Following completion of her PhD research, Claudia was employed by the Natural Environment Research Council in Swindon, UK. Following that she took up a position with the UK Environment Agency in Bristol.
  • Dr. Vicky Sheppard "Instrument development and field analysis of non-methane hydrocarbons".  


  • Dr. Matt Bassford "Instrumental development of an ADS-GC for detection of anthropogenic and natural halocarbons levels at Mace Head".  


  • Mr. Stefan Seuring  MSc in "Source region allocations from observations at Mace Head" before returning to Germany to commence a PhD.


  • Dr. Georgina Sturrock "Instrument development towards halocarbon monitoring".  Since departing, she has worked in NIWA, (New Zealand) and spent 5 years working for CSIRO within the AGAGE program at Cape Grim, Tasmania. Georgina then worked in the School for Environmental Science at the University of East Anglia, UK.
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