Air quality

Poor air quality is linked to over 40,000 deaths each year in the UK alone. A better understanding of the sources and distribution of pollutants is required if countries are to develop effective reduction measures.

The ACRG is involved in a number of campaigns to better understand air quality, including regional modelling of aviation emissions, tracer experiments simulating atmospheric transport in urban environments and measurements of pollutants from some of the World’s most populous cities.

To find out more about the various air quality studies conducted by the ACRG, follow the links to the right.

Tracer release experiments

The ACRG uses a range of perfluorocarbon tracers, in conjunction with novel analytical techniques, to 'track' the movement of air parcels on urban and regional scales

Air quality modelling

The ACRG uses a range of global and regional models to simulate emissions of gases (including carbon monoxide, formaldehydye and ozone) with implications for air quality

Childhood Cancer

ACRG is involved in work for Children with Cancer UK, looking into the effect of air pollution on pregenancy and childhood cancer risk, which will be used to help prevent children from developing cancer. 

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