Interviews, tests and assessment centres

Every organisation uses a different selection process. You may take part in a direct interview, selection test, assessment centre or a combination of all three. Preparation is key; use the information and advice below to help you prepare.

  • Interviews

    Interviews come in many different forms. Check out our advice about preparation, technique and how to deal with tough questions.

  • Selection tests

    Develop your understanding of why selection tests are used and what they require you to do. Don't forget to practise as well.

  • Assessment centres

    No two assessment centres are the same. Have a look at this page to see what might be involved and how to stand out.

  • Researching employers

    All applications should be tailored to the specific employer. If you want to stand out, it's essential that you research the employer before you apply.

Can we help?

Practise for selection tests, assessment centres and interviews

mycareer has practice selection tests, an assessment centre tool and an interview simulator to help you prepare for the selection process.

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