Researching career sectors

Research is important whether you have decided what you want to do, or are trying to. It is also vital when applying for jobs as it allows you to appropriately tailor your application to the particular employer and role.

How we can help

Use the resources mentioned here to help structure your careers research. Go beyond job adverts and actively research roles, sectors, and organisations to get an idea of what you’d like to do and why. If you need any assistance researching or figuring out what you should be looking for book a Careers Information Appointment in person or by phone on 0117 928 8221.

Look at sector overviews

It is often useful to get a good idea of the type of work involved and the sorts of roles graduates undertake. Use the drop down on the right to look at sector guides, and check out the guides on AllaboutcareersProspects, and TARGETjobs.

Explore job profiles

As well as providing sector overviews, Prospects also has a comprehensive range of job profiles and TARGETjobs have a range of job descriptions. Not only do these provide details of qualifications needed but they detail key skills required and what sort of work experience will help you.

Graduate case studies

See what Bristol graduates are doing in different sectors using our case studies. Our what do Bristol graduates do guides may also help, especially if you're looking to do something related to your degree subject.

Consult the professionals

Professional bodies are a great place for news, trends and careers advice and often offer accredited qualifications. We've included details of relevant bodies in each of our sector guides (use the drop down on the right). You can also use Professions Finder.

Some other good places to check are peer review websites including Inside Buzz, Glassdoor, The Job Crowd, and Wikijob.


Speak to friends, family and other contacts. Use tools such as Bristol Connects and LinkedIn to talk to industry experts. For more information, check out our talk to alumni page.

Choose sector

Choose sector


If you'd like some help with your research into a sector or regarding particular employers, book a Careers Information appointment at 5 Tyndall Avenue.

Give us a call on 0117 928 8221 to find out about availability.