Postgraduate Studentships 2018/19

All applications must be made through Hobsons at the following link: 

Royal Society Studentships - Deadline midnight, 26th January 2018

Dr Ulrike Bauer (PDF, 723kB) - Adaptations of plant leaves for avoiding, dissipating or exploiting impact energy

ERC Studentships - Deadline 29th January 2018

Professor Daniel Robert (PDF, 147kB) - Sensory ecology of electroreception in insects

Medical Research Foundation Studentships - Deadline 31st January 2018

Dr Andy Bailey (PDF, 92kB) - Mining fungal genomes for the next antibiotic

Professor Gary Foster (PDF, 94kB) - Developing mutilin-based antibiotics through fungal biotechnology

NERC FRESH CDT Studentships - Deadline 15th February 2018

Dr Gary Barker (PDF, 132kB) - Identification and mitigation of cyanobacterial blooms

Dr Christos Ioannou (PDF, 89kB) - How does behaviour underpin the impact of invasive tilapia on native fish?

Professor Gareth Jones (PDF, 78kB) - Crayfish conservation: using eDNA to detect endangered and invasive species

Dr Tom Williams (PDF, 75kB) - Origin, biodiversity and ecological significance of freshwater diatoms

 Alumni Discount

University of Bristol alumni who go on to study for a postgraduate degree – either taught or research – at Bristol can benefit from a 10 percent reduction in tuition fees.

The 10 percent discount is available for students who start their postgraduate degree on or after August 1st 2017 and will be applied to their tuition fees for the full duration of the programme.

For more information please visit the following link:

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