Undergraduate profile: Polly

What appealed to you about the course when you applied?

I was drawn to Bristol by the content of the course. I knew there were leading researchers at Bristol, meaning the teaching would be current and interesting. The best thing about the course is the range of research options – from the year in industry, to final year projects, as well as opportunities to work within the department.

How do you think your degree will support your future career plans?

The opportunity to do a year in industry is very valuable – I’d recommend it to anyone! I feel I am more prepared to perform my final year research project and have a better understanding of what research is really like. I am currently applying for PhDs and the employability skills unit and mock interviews offered by the School have been very helpful. Some of the units required me to make a presentation, which was a good introduction to public speaking and helped with my confidence.

What are you working on for your final year project?

I have been working on a signalling-based project. My time in the lab has given me a greater insight into the how the scientific community works. Everyone from PhD student to professor has a clear passion for their work and I have enjoyed participating in the daily lab discussions concerning our research problems and results.

What has been your biggest achievement so far as a student in Bristol?

Completing my year in industry project was challenging. There were times when my results were confusing and difficult to interpret. However, I persevered with my lab report and performed well in my examination, meaning I gained the best result I’ve achieved during my time in Bristol!

I knew there were leading researchers at Bristol, meaning teaching would be current and interesting

Polly, BSc Biochemistry with Study in Industry
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