Student views

Our current first year intake is split fairly evenly between men and women and our students come from a wide range of educational and social backgrounds. We also have a broad cultural mix of students who come from the UK and mainland Europe, Asia and the Americas. We think Bristol is a good place to study Biochemistry, but don't just take our word for it, here's what our students have to say about us:

Nick Foster

Choosing what to study and at which university was an incredibly difficult choice, but once coming to Bristol I knew I'd made the right one. The course is well organised and structured, help is there if you need it, and there's always something more to investigate and learn about, meaning you're never bored. I can fit sports, a social life and other commitments around my studying, which was very important to me, but I know that I'll always be challenged and that I will leave here with a world class degree.

BSc Biochemistry, 2014



Mengmeng Qiao

The well-renowned Biochemistry School was the main reason I chose Bristol, and having been studying here for two years, I must say I’m glad I made the right choice. At the forefront of the research field, the School provides us well-structured lectures, well-equipped labs and helpful tutors, all of which make this challenging course a lot more easier than it sounds, and quite interesting as well. As an international student I also enjoy the friendly environment, with enthusiastic and helpful people around and all sorts of societies and activities, life here is never boring. Bristol city is a great place, you can always discover something exciting in town.

Bsc Biochemistry, 2011

biochemistry students

Martin Baker

The Biochemistry School at Bristol provides its students with a high standard of education in both theory and lab based skills. The modular nature of the course gives students in the first two years a wide range of units to choose from which are not necessarily related to biochemistry. Overall I have found that the course is well structured and the School has a friendly and welcoming atmosphere. I have also had the opportunity to work alongside world class research giving me an amazing insight into the world of science. My experience at Bristol has persuaded me to pursue a career in science, and more than anything I have enjoyed my studies so far.

Bsc Biochemistry, 2011

biochemistry students

Sinead O'Hara

Bristol is such a great city to live and study in.  The city itself is big enough that you won’t get bored but small enough that you can feel a part of it.  There is such a wide and diverse range of places, from the harbourside to the large expanse of the downs-perfect on a sunny day, and of course the suspension bridge. The university is well located within the city and close to most areas for when you move out in second year.  Biochemistry is a difficult degree but is interesting and rewarding as the lecture material is up to date and engaging.  Lecturers and tutors are always willing to give help and advice.

I would recommend living in halls for the first year as it is a great way to meet lots of people but also in the first and second year biochemists have lectures with other related courses so there is plenty of opportunity to meet people outside the course. There are loads of sports clubs and societies to get involved with at the university, having been involved with both swimming and hockey, I have had a great time training and socialising.  The mix of nightlife suits students well as there is always something going on for everyone.

Bsc Biochemistry, 2011

biochemistry students

Shintaro Aibara

Biochemistry in Bristol is a challenging yet very rewarding subject. A broad range of topics are covered in lectures allowing one to identify where their true interest lies. Filled with overflowing energy, Bristol is a lively a city where everybody finds a place where they belong.

Bsc Biochemistry with Medical Biochemistry, 2011