Bristol Connects Code of Conduct

Acceptable behaviour

Bristol Connects is an inclusive online platform for Bristol’s diverse community of students and alumni. All users are expected to contribute to a community free from discrimination, harassment, sexual harassment and bullying.

As members of the University community, all users are expected to adhere to the highest standard of behaviour at all times, as outlined in the University’s Acceptable Behaviour Policy.

The University and Development and Alumni Relations Office reserve the right to suspend users at any time for breaches of the Code of Conduct.

In summary, Bristol Connects users are expected to adhere to the following:

• Observe confidentiality and do not share contact details with third parties unless with written permission by participants
• Maintain professional standards of behaviour and accountability
• Be inclusive and treat others with courtesy and respect
• Provide advice as accurately as possible and with the best of intentions
• Fulfill agreed commitments
• Raise any concerns with the Bristol Connects team

Reporting misconduct

In the event of unsolicited messages, or behaviour that is found to be inappropriate or unprofessional, users should report the behaviour to the Bristol Connects team.

All direct messages and correspondence sent within the system are confidential and will not be reviewed by staff unless reported. The ‘Report’ button in the messaging area can be used to notify a member of staff to review the conversation history. If necessary, further action will then be taken. All reports will be treated sensitively.

To report any other concerns or instances of misconduct, contact the Bristol Connects team at

Career and Study Expert modules

The Career Expert module within Bristol Connects is designed to link alumni with expertise in a particular field, organisation or industry with other members of the network seeking to progress their career.

The Study Expert module within Bristol Connects is designed to link alumni with potential students who hold an offer to study at Bristol who are seeking advice about their study choices.

You will be asked to agree to Terms and Conditions before accessing each module. Copies of these can be found here:

Further information and recommendations:

Participation in the Career and Study Expert modules is a reciprocal, two-way exchange. Both parties are expected to participate in an open and professional exchange, promptly responding to messages and setting realistic expectations.

If either party does not attend a planned meeting or call, and makes no attempt to reschedule in advance, the other party is encouraged to report this to the Bristol Connects team.

If meeting face-to-face, it is recommended that this is undertaken in a public place i.e. café, library or workplace.

Bristol Connects provides a platform for students and graduates seeking work experience, job shadowing, internships or employment with alumni who can offer or broker these opportunities within their organisation. These opportunities are not managed by the University and Career Experts should seek local advice from their organisation before offering these opportunities. Please note the following:

Occupational Health and Safety

Career Experts should be aware of all relevant occupational health and safety issues prior to offering work-place visits, job shadowing, internships or employment. This will require the induction into the occupational health and safety orientation process of the work environment. For further information about occupational health and safety generally, please visit the Health and Safety Executive website Please note this does not apply if you are meeting in a public place.

Legal and Insurance

Students and alumni participate in Bristol Connects at their own discretion and risk. Users are not screened or required to complete any background checks, other than verification of their connection to the University.

Any activity organised through Bristol Connects is not covered by the University. The Careers Service offers a number of ways in which employers can work in partnership with the University. See the Careers Service Employer Engagement web pages for more information.