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Your stories, achievements and quotes are used across University publications to inspire the next generation of students to attend Bristol, or to provide current students with ideas for their professional path.

Alumni Profile

If you had a great time at Bristol and learnt skills and knowledge that led you to a great career, share this with the next generation to demonstrate the wealth of opportunities studying at Bristol offers.

For many new students, moving to an unfamiliar city or country or starting their higher education journey, can be daunting. As a Bristol graduate, you have first-hand knowledge of the student experience here, from applications to graduation and beyond. Hearing about what life was like studying and living in Bristol from those who have been here and lived it can be invaluable for potential students in making their choices and getting off to a great start.

Alumni Profiles within Bristol Connects allow us to share successful alumni career stories, promote the University programmes and help current and potential students picture where their time at University could lead them.

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