China: your alumni networks

Chinese alumni

The University of Bristol has a community of over 12,400 alumni in China and over 2,000 Chinese students at Bristol.

China is our largest international network, helping you stay connected with your University and with each other. Two alumni networks work closely with the University to create valuable social and professional opportunities in the largest graduate destinations: Beijing and Shanghai.

Your Beijing network

‘The Beijing alumni network is a non-profit volunteer group that works closely with the University of Bristol. Built in 2016, we hope our network can be a family for graduates in Beijing. We will host a series of events and activities, and we warmly welcome you to participate.’ - Siyan Ruan, Beijing alumni network leader.

  • Anyone can join the Beijing network, wherever you live. Email us today at to find out more.
  • Connect with the Beijing alumni network on WeChat using the ID: bristolalumnibeijing

Your Shanghai network

'The Shanghai alumni network aims to build a social communications platform for University of Bristol alumni who live and work in Shanghai. At the same time, the alumni network is a bridge between Shanghai alumni and the University of Bristol, helping to connect the University with the biggest city in China, and seeking opportunities to cooperate with Bristol cultural and educational organisations. The alumni network links Shanghai alumni together as a family, and helps provide benefits and conveniences on all aspects to all members after their graduation on behalf of the University of Bristol.' – Shanna Lin, Shanghai alumni network leader.

  • Anyone can join the Shanghai network, wherever you live. Email us today at to find out more about the Shanghai network.
  • Connect with the Shanghai alumni network on WeChat using the ID: UOBSHA

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