Organise an event for alumni

You can plan your own event to connect with other Bristol alumni. Find out what to consider and how we can help make it a success.

Ideas for events

You can put on events that give your guests the chance to:

  • Reconnect and reminisce about Bristol
    You could organise a reunion dinner.
  • Build professional networks and connections
    You could set up a networking event with speakers.
  • Access exclusive resources for Bristol alumni
    You could use alumni connections to organise special event venues or visits.
  • Stimulate academic curiosity
    You could organise a talk with Bristol academics or other members of the Bristol network.

Planning your event

Make sure you've considered everything from the guest list to your budget.

Who to invite

You could invite alumni from a particular year group, course, club, society or hall of residence.

You will need to decide whether to include partners and families.

Alumni networks

Are you organising your event for an existing alumni network?

Think about whether it will be a one-off event or if you hope to put on other events if it goes well.

Type of event

Think about how you can best meet the purpose of your event. You could organise a lecture, meal, networking event with speakers, or an informal meeting in a pub.

Location and venue

Decide which town or city works best for your event. 

You could combine your reunion with a city-wide event, or a local festival.

If you hold your event in Bristol, you might be able to hire a space or conference facilities at the University. Will guests need somewhere to stay? In Bristol, the University may be able to offer accommodation for some of your guests. We can also help you find other local options.

Budget and price

Think about how you will fund the event, and whether to charge guests for tickets.


If you're thinking of organising an event for alumni, you might want to look at applying for the Alumni Association Initiative Grant to get your plans off the ground.

Tickets and enquiries

Consider how to manage your guest list.

We recommend using Eventbrite, a free online service that can help you organise guest lists, manage tickets and promote your event.

You'll need to decide whether you're happy to share your contact details online so alumni can get in touch.

Promoting your event

What you can do

To promote your event, you can:

  • post about your event on social media
  • contact your personal alumni networks
  • encourage your contacts to spread the word to other Bristol alumni on social media – they can like and share your posts
  • send updates and reminders to keep your guests updated and encourage bookings

What we can do

If you would like us to help with promotion, let us know about your event at least three months in advance. Get in touch at

To promote your event, we can:

  • send an invitation and reminder email on your behalf  *please note this would be if you were inviting under 100 alumni*
  • add your event to our events page
  • add it to our Facebook events, and post on relevant LinkedIn groups

Tell us how it goes

We’d love to hear how your event goes. 

Send us a report (about 300 words) and photographs so we can celebrate your event and share its success on our blog. Remember to make sure the alumni in your photographs are happy to be featured.

Share the attendance list and any alumni updates with us so that we can keep our alumni database current.

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