Researcher interviews

Children of the 90s data is enabling more research than ever before – so far in 2018 a total of 161 research papers have been published. This shows that as the original ‘children’ progress through their twenties, their data is becoming more important to science and public health than ever before.

Here we launch a new series of videos, where researchers talk about Children of the 90s data and how it enables their research.

In this interview Dr Rebecca Pearson, Lecturer in Psychiatric Epidemiology, talks about her research charting a rise in maternal mental health issues around pregnancy.

In this interview Alastair Poole, Professor of Pharmacology and Cell Biology, talks about the importance of longitudinal studies as we move towards an era of personalised medicine.

Children of the 90s has just been fantastic in so many ways. It has revealed some really profound insights into the way we grow and develop as humans. It's revealing important information not just for medics, for medicine, but for all of us.

Dr Alice Roberts
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