Children of the 90s Collection

Welcome to the Children of the 90s Art Online project

In 1991, Children of the 90s, a remarkable world-renowned health research project, was born right here in Bristol and is making an enormous contribution to improving the health of current and future generations. Thanks to the 14,500 mothers and children involved in the project we know that eating oily fish when pregnant can improve a baby’s eyesight and IQ, and that exercising for just 15 minutes a day can cut the risk of childhood obesity in half...

Ahead of its 21st birthday celebrations in 2012, Children of the 90s Art Online showcases stories, told through words, images and videos, by people connected with the study, from participants to Nobel Prize winners. We also forward to the future, as Children of the 90s aims to follow these families throughout their lives.

The collection

We exhibited a selection of initial submissions and archived items at MShed (Bristol) on 3rd December 2011. A number of these are available online through our:

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