21st Anniversary Science Conference

ALSPAC, also known as Children of the 90s, celebrated its twenty-first birthday in 2012. We marked this milestone on 18th April with a one-day conference at the At-Bristol centre on Bristol's harbourside. The day showcased the extensive and wide-ranging research that has been carried out using the data collected from study families over the last twenty-one years.

There was also a public lecture in the evening by Professor Alice Roberts.

Abstracts, speaker biographies and Powerpoint presentations are available through the links below.


Time Activity Speaker
09.30 REGISTRATION – tea & coffee provided
10.00 Introduction – ALSPAC, University of Bristol & Bristol Professor David Clarke
10.10 ALSPAC – The Beginning Professor Jean Golding
10.35 Lifetime Management of Cardiovascular Disease Starting in Childhood Professor John Deanfield
10.55 Predicting Future Heavy Drinking in ALSPAC 12 Year Olds Professor Marc Schuckit
11.15 BREAK – tea & coffee provided
11.35 What are the Causal Effects of Breastfeeding on IQ, Obesity and Blood Pressure? Evidence from Comparing High-Income with Middle-Income Cohorts Dr Marie-Jo Brion
11.55 Genetic contributions to complex traits in a post genomewide era Dr Nic Timpson
12.15 How ALSPAC Improves Our Understanding of Skeletal Epidemiology Dr Emma Clark
12.35 LUNCH
13.35 A new birth cohort study for a new UK generation: reading the runes Professor Carol Dezateux
13.55 The Impact of Family Socioeconomic Status on Outcomes in Childhood and Adolescence Dr Elizabeth Washbrook
14.15 Conduct Problems and Antisocial Behaviour Dr Edward D. Barker
14.35 Maximising the value of cohort studies Sir John Savill
14.55 BREAK – tea & coffee provided
15.15 Drugs, Booze and Heavy Metal in Pregnancy: Causes of Childhood Asthma and Allergy? Professor Seif Shaheen
15.35 Factors influencing response to ALSPAC questionnaires Dr Isabelle Bray
15.55 Reproductive health across the lifespan Professor Scott Nelson
16.15 Epigenetics as a Mediator of Environmental Influences on Disease Risk Dr Caroline Relton
16.35 ALSPAC – The Future Professor George Davey Smith
17.00 BREAK – tea & coffee provided
18.00 Nariokotome Boy: How can a 1.5 million year old skeleton of a young boy shed light on what it means to be human? Professor Alice Roberts
19.00 CLOSE