Decide who you want to live with

Be sure you can live with your housemates for the next 9 -12 months. You must be able to trust each other. A signed tenancy agreement is a legally binding document and once signed, it is not easy to get out of.

Ask yourself:

  • How many people do you want to live with? Who are their friends, or boyfriends/girlfriends? It is likely you will spend time with them too.
  • Can you all afford the same rent and bills?
  • Do your potential housemates have similar ideas about parties? Loud music? Sleeping? Time spent studying?
  • Do your courses all have the same academic demands?
  • Will everyone do their fair share of washing up and cleaning?
  • Will you feel able to discuss issues comfortably with your housemates?

You should have an open conversation as a group about each of these aspets of living together before you start viewing properties. If you can't agree on something that you see as really important, you need to think seriously about whether these are the right housemates for you. 

Try to view properties together so that no one gets left out or has their views overlooked. Be open and honest with each other and be prepared to compromise.

If you're not totally happy or are worried that you cannot afford the rent, then let each other know. There will be lots of other students in the same position. Our student bulletin board is an ideal place to look for rooms in a shared house, or to find new housemates.

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