Student parking at our residences

Students should not bring a car to Bristol unless it is essential, for example because of a disability. Bristol is a highly congested city and there are many restrictions on parking in place. The main University campus is contained within the Kingsdown Residents’ Parking Scheme area (KRPS) and the majority of on-street parking in and around the campus is subject to residential permits, meters and time limits.

Sustainable travel is embedded within University culture and the University actively encourages the use of alternative methods of travel. Sustainable travel benefits your environment, your health and well-being as well as your finances. Information about your transport options can be found on our transport for students page.

The University offers a limited number of residential parking permits to students living in some University-allocated accommodation. Before bringing your vehicle to University-allocated accommodation, please ensure that you have applied for and obtained a parking permit. Permits will only be issued for cars that are adequately insured taxed and have an up to date MOT.

Priority groups

If we receive more applications for permits than we have places, priority will be given to students who:

  • are Blue Badge holders (mobility impairment)
  • have a disability or ill health that means they need the use of a car
  • have caring responsibilities that cannot be performed without the use a car
  • have academic (course) placements that can only be reached by car.

Applications and allocations

Students living in University allocated accommodation may apply apply by registering for a Student Account from PermitSmarti and completing the online form for an Annual Student Permit.

Applications must be received by the University on or before 4 September 2017, in order to be processed by the start of term, however the application process will remain open for students who wish to bring a car later in the year.

Once the application form is received and processed, applicants will be notified whether their application has been successful or not by 12 September 2017. Permits will be valid until 8 July 2018.

Please note that you will not be able to park your car in any of the car parks until after the main arrival dates of 15–18 September as all the spaces will be utilised for the moving in process.


Blue Badge holders will receive permits free of charge, all other students will be charged £125 for the tenancy period. The standard charge will apply to all Permits during Terms 1 and 2. There will be a pro-rata reduction available in Term 3.

Contact us about parking

All inquiries regarding our residence parking permits should be emailed to

Parking terms and conditions

All parking in our residences is subject to the residential parking student terms and conditions (PDF, 453kB) and our Residences car parking policy (PDF, 567kB)

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