Transferring room or residence

Because of risk of transmission of Covid-19 in student residences and in order to keep both students and staff as safe as possible, the University has a strict no transfer policy for 20/21. We absolutely have to do all we can to limit mixing of our Living Circles at what is a very risky time as students join us from all over the country and world.

We understand that you may feel unhappy in your room, but want to assure you that there is support and help available to you. It is entirely normal to find things difficult when your first move in, and although moving can feel like the solution, there's a lot of other things we would try first even in a previous years when transfers were possible. You should first speak to your Residential Life team about the issues you are having with settling in. They will be able to offer you help and advice.  

I know of an empty room I want to move into

Although moving within your own Living Circle may seem like a simple request, rooms that are currently unoccupied are usually allocated to another student. We still have students arriving every day and they will continue to do so for the next few weeks. 

If there are issues with your room

If you have any maintenance concerns about your room, you should report these as detailed in your residence guide and the facilities team for your residence will investigate are repair any issues. We will not move students due to dissatisaction with a repair issue. In the event of an emergency such as a leak, we have tempoaray rooms that we will be able to move students to.   

If your room does not meet your health needs

When you applied for accommodation, any health needs should have been stated in your application and we would have used this information in ensuring the room you were allocated was as suitable as possible. However, if after moving in you feel the room does not meet these needs, your first step would be to talk to your Residential life team who will refer your case to the Accommodation Office if adjustments are needed. For example, if additional equipment is needed to adapt your room, we can work with our Disability Services team to make sure you have what is needed to live comfortably in your new home. 

If you didn't declare your health need in your application, you should still contact your Residential life team to discuss your concerns. Please note that we will require medical evidence from your doctor that states what changes to your accommodation would be needed to support your health need, and may refer you to our Disability Services team to for an assessment of any adjustments that can be put in place in your current room.  

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