4.4 Attendance requirement


Research students must normally ensure that they are able to attend the University in person as reasonably required by their supervisors, as well as to participate in any relevant training or developmental opportunities and to contribute to wider research activities within their discipline. The attendance requirement for part-time students should take their circumstances into account and should be on a pro-rata basis. Students undertaking fieldwork, placements or research at an external facility, which has been agreed with their supervisors, may be away from the University for the duration of the activity.

 The only exceptions to the attendance requirement are: 

  • Distance learning students have separate attendance requirements in the Policy for Research Degrees by Distance Learning in Annex 11
  • Students studying for joint and dual PhDs[1] are normally required to be in attendance at the University for at least 30% of their programme. Students who are studying as part of a collaborative partnership or doctoral training entity may spend more time away from the University if this is specified in the partnership agreement; 
  • Students who are writing up following the completion of their research phase; or 
  • Students with individual exceptional circumstances, where this has been supported by the supervisors and approved by the Faculty PGR Director. A transfer to distance learning may however be the most appropriate course of action if a student is unable to meet the standard attendance requirement.


The Policy on Placements for Research Students (Annex 13) should be followed when placements are being developed.


[1] A joint doctoral award is one which leads to a single award for a research degree programme which is jointly offered by the partner institutions. The single award certificate will be endorsed by all partners. A dual doctoral award is one which leads to separate awards from two partner institutions involved in a joint research degree programme. Each award certificate will refer to the joint programme.