Clinical Research


Dr Hugo van Oostrom 

Dr Guillaume Chanoit

This grouping focusses its research on naturally-occurring diseases within the clinical caseload, and is directed towards the prevention and treatment of animal and human diseases.


This Community brings together veterinary clinical specialists engaged in high quality clinical research, working in modern clinical and imaging facilities, with biomedical scientists who study fundamental physiological mechanisms and disease processes. Veterinary specialists, particularly in cardiology, anaesthesia and surgery, support collaborations between clinician scientists and basic scientists in areas of existing research strength at Bristol, for example in Translational Science. These studies are designed to further our knowledge of clinical disease and their treatments, and to bridge the gap between fundamental research and the clinical arena. Research by the group is enhanced by close collaborations with all the Research Communities at the School.

Ethically approved research studies utilise clinical cases from Langford Vets or other veterinary practices, after fully-informed owner consent is obtained

Clinical Research is comprised of the following research areas:

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