Staff parking

CORONAVIRUS UPDATE: 24 November 2020

All users of University car parks on the main Clifton campus must hold a valid permit to park.

A Temporary Covid-19 Parking Policy came into effect on the 29 June 2020 to support the University’s approach to safely returning to the workplace.

Read the temporary Covid-19 parking policy (PDF, 339kB) which includes recent updates, the eligibility requirements, application/permit award process and the terms & conditions for parking.

 Staff can apply via the Permitsmarti system here

 Honorary staff can apply via the Permitsmarti system here




Please note that if you have more than one vehicle registered on your University parking permit, you MUST ensure that the correct vehicle is active on your permit BEFORE parking on campus.

To switch the active vehicle on your permit, log on to your online parking account, select ‘history’ on the home page and click on the green vehicle icon against your permit. Access the parking permit system here.

Failure to ensure the vehicle you wish to park on campus is both registered and active on your permit may result in enforcement action. For further information please see our parking terms and conditions

Staff parking policy summary

Staff car parking on the University Precinct and satellite sites is managed by a system of annual permits and daily coupons. To park in any General car parking space (i.e. not Departmental or Disabled), staff must hold a valid staff parking permit and display a valid coupon in their vehicle.

Permits are allocated to staff according to a set of needs-based criteria, as defined in the Precinct Parking Policy Summary (PDF, 1,411kB) ‌. Except for those with a disability, only staff whose home address is more than two miles from the centre of the Precinct can apply for a parking permit. Staff with a disability or other condition affecting their mobility (including a difficult pregnancy) can apply separately for a disabled parking permit. Further guidance is available on the Disabled staff and student parking page

The University encourages staff to car-share wherever possible. Special permits with 30 days’ free parking are available to members of registered car-share teams. For further information, visit the Car share parking page.

Staff parking permits are generally valid for 12 months from August 1st until July 31st (the permit year). All staff parking permit holders are required to re-apply for their parking permits on an annual basis. Coupons for a minimum of five days’ parking are available for permit-holders to buy at a daily price set in line with their annual salary. 

Who can apply

When to apply

Staff are invited to submit permit applications in one main round each year. All staff parking permit holders are required to re-apply for their parking permits on an annual basis. Subject to available capacity, further interim application rounds take place during the permit year with these dates advertised on our main Precinct car parking webpage.  Any applications who were unsuccessful in gaining a parking permit must re-apply during the next available application round. New members of staff can apply for parking permit in the next available application round after they join the University, subject to their details being available on the relevant University systems.

Information on the dates of all application rounds is publised on the Precinct car parking home page.

How to apply

To apply, you first need to register for an account on the permit management system:

• Salaried University staff should log on to the system via Single Sign-On
• Honorary and associate staff should use the alternative log on option

You can then complete the appropriate online questionnaire and upload any supporting documents required.

The online questionnaire itself provides instructions and links to further guidance on how to complete your application.

Any member of staff who does not have regular access to University IT systems should seek support in making an online application from their line manager.

Prior to submitting an application, staff should note that all permit-holders must abide by the University’s Parking Terms and Conditions.

Application criteria and evidence 

Please note, you should download each of the template forms above to your computer and save a completed version before uploading it to your application. Please do not attempt to complete these forms in your web browser as your progress will not be saved.

Car sharing

If you’re part of a formal car-share team registered on the University's online car-sharing system, you can apply for a car-share parking permit once you've applied for a staff permit.

How applications are assessed

Staff parking permit applications are assessed at the end of each application window. Applications are allocated a score against each of the needs-based criteria as defined in the Precinct Parking Policy Summary (PDF, 1,411kB), including journey time to work by public transport. A target score is set each year according to the volume of applications and the level of parking spaces available.

To ensure sufficient parking spaces are available for the number of permit-holders, only applicants achieving the target score or higher will be allocated a permit. There is no right to appeal, but unsuccessful applicants may reapply in any subsequent interim application round in the same permit year.

Using your staff parking permit

All staff parking permits are virtual. 

You can register up to three of your own vehicles on your staff parking permit. However only one registered vehicle can use your permit at a time, so if you have more than one vehicle registered to your permit you must ensure that the one you wish to park at the University is activated on your permit beforehand.

You can switch the active vehicle on your permit, and/or update the details of your registered vehicles at any time via the online permit system, by selecting ‘history’ on the home page and clicking on the green vehicle icon against the relevant permit.

To park in any General car parking space (i.e. not Departmental or Disabled), permit-holders must display a valid parking coupon in their vehicle. Staff permit-holders can order parking coupons using the online system, allowing 10 working days for delivery via internal post. If required at short notice, staff permit-holders may also purchase coupons from Security Services at Royal Fort Lodge during normal office hours. Honorary and associate staff can buy coupons from Security Services at Royal Fort Lodge where they will be required to provide a completed Honorary staff supporting information form (PDF, 1,276kB)  to help verify their daily parking charge.

Staff permits are valid for use in any General parking space on the University Precinct and its satellite sites as included in the list of Clifton Campus Car Parks (PDF, 97kB)

General parking spaces for use by staff (including car-sharers), contractors and some departmental vehicles are marked with white lines.

Privacy policy

Please note that all parking permit applications are subject to the University's Privacy Policy for the permit application process.