Car parking charges and payment

Covid-19 update: 11 Nov 2020

How to apply for a refund on any unused staff parking coupons 

Staff parking coupons for the main University campus will not be in use for the duration of the Temporary Covid-19 Parking Policy, i.e. until Friday 14 May 2021.  This date may be revised as the University continues to respond to the COVID pandemic. 

If you wish to claim a refund on any unused or partially used parking coupons, please write your full name, University email address and Resource ID (from your payslip or myERP) on the reverse of each coupon, and send them by post or bring them in person to: 

Security Services 
Royal Fort Lodge 
Tyndall Avenue 
BS8 1UH 

A full refund on the cost of the unused parking days on your returned coupons will then be processed via the next available monthly salary payment. 

2019/2020 parking charges and payment information

The table below summarises the charges and payment methods for car parking on the University Precinct and its satellite sites.

 Parking Category

 Charging period


 How to pay



 0.0083% of salary 

 For 2019/2020 permit holders:

  • Covid-19 update 9 June 2020: From the 29 June a new temporary Covid-19 policy will be in effect. Covid-19 permit holders are NOT required to purchase coupons to park.
  • Order via online permit management system
  • Charge deducted automatically from salary
  • Delivery to work address within 10 working days
  • If required at short notice, coupons may also be bought from Security Services at Royal Fort Lodge (Monday to Friday, 08:00-16:00)


 Annually per   space   


  • Charged to permit-holder's budget


 Daily or 1/2   day

 £7.00 or £3.50

Covid-19 update 9 June 2020: Visitor parking remains suspended until further notice.



£2.50 (incl. VAT) from 1st August 2018

 For 2019/2020 permit holders:

  • Covid-19 update 9 June 2020: From the 29 June 2020, Contractors will be required to hold a valid permit and pay for parking coupons.
  • Purchase coupons with credit/debit card via online permit management system
  • Collect from Security Services at Royal Fort Lodge, Tyndall Avenue (Monday to Friday, 08:00-16:00)


Example staff daily charge calculation for parking

The daily rate for a member of staff on Spinal point 17, £22,214 is  £1.84

22,214    x     0.0083%    =   1.84      OR

22,214    x     0.0083    /    100    =     1.84

For information on your gross salary see the Human Resources website.