Clickable bodymap

Below is the ‘clickable’ bodymap which we use to help people explain where they are experiencing pain.  STAR trial participants complete this map at recruitment, 6 months and 12 months.  

The black and white image shows the map prior to use; the image in colour shows how the map looks after a participant has used it.

This bodymap is currently unique to STAR, but we are happy to share it with other researchers*.

* If researchers outside of the University of Bristol would like to use this bodymap, they will need to set up their own REDCap server and install the original ‘hook’, which was written by Stanford University.

Both of these are available at no cost to academic institutions;  however, users would need to fund technical set up.  Once users have REDCap and the original ‘hook’ set up and working, staff at Bristol could provide the STAR bodymap ‘hook’ at no cost.

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