Bristol BioBank




The Bristol Biobank is a non-funded bank of Biological samples that any University of Bristol/University Hospital Bristol NHS Foundation Trust biomedical researcher can apply to. These could be blood samples, saliva, nasal swabs, urine, etc. Other information, such as height and weight may also be recorded at the same time, to provide background for the samples. Often the samples are stored for many years or indefinitely to assist with long-term future research. Samples are stored under ‘deposit applications’ – they can either be collected specifically for the biobank or are often excess samples after completion of a research project. They can be applied for through a use application outlining the proposed use of the samples and all the researchers involved. 

The Biobank has been a useful resource during the COVID-19 pandemic as it is a way to mass-collect samples from the general population in a timely manner which researchers can then access to help set up and validate new SARS-CoV2 testing and aid in research relating to antibody response after infection with COVID-19. These samples have been collected thus far by running clinics in both Weston Super-Mare and on campus at the University. The use of pre-pandemic samples has also been a vital aid in COVID-19 research as they act as a very reliable control due to no presence of the COVID-19 virus in blood and saliva.

If you are interested in applying for use of the Biobank, please contact Dr. Jenny Oliver –

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