Green Impact Scheme

Green Impact for staff

The Green Impact scheme challenges you to implement a number of easy actions within your department that will help the environment. The more actions you complete, the more points you score, leading to a Bronze, Silver, Gold or Platinum Award. Actions can include energy saving, recycling, transport, wellbeing, and staff/student engagement.

Anyone can get involved, usually in a team. Teams can be of any size, from across the whole University, and need a member of staff to lead the team on behalf of their department or residence.

The Green Impact portfolio (PDF, 2,645kB)

Please note, Green Impact is no longer running. 

Green Impact for students

Students can get involved in Green Impact by becoming a Green Impact Project Assistant or a Green Impact Project Auditor


Green Impact Project Assistants (GIPAs) help staff teams achieve their Green Impact Awards and gain practical experience and important skills in communication and project management, as well as contributing towards sustainability within University departments. 


Once Green Impact workbooks are submitted, workspaces are audited to ensure that all actions ticked in the workbook have been carried out. Student auditors will receive certified NUS training and guidance to carry out the audits, and will gain invaluable, hands-on skills in communications, leadership and environmental auditing whilst helping bring about real change.

Audits usually take place in May, with a mandatory training session before that.

Keep an eye on our Volunteering webpage for more information about these opportunities.

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Do you work in science?

You can take part in our Laboratory Efficiency Assesment Framework (LEAF) alongside the traditional scheme.

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