Refurbished furniture – save carbon, resources and money

If you are looking to refresh your department with new furniture, why not refurbish what you already have? Refurbishing and reupholstery is a great way to update furniture and reduce our impact on the environment, it significantly reduces landfill waste.

 Ordering new will not only be costly, but it will also mean building new items from raw materials. This means more trees cut down, new steel manufactured, and plastic production, so more natural resources are consumed, and pollution created.

Existing seating can be reupholstered with new fabric and desks and tables can be resized and resurfaced. You will be loaned furniture in the interim, during the refurbishment period. Recycling existing items still uses a lot of energy to reprocess the component materials, which is why refurbishing and re-use is the more environmental choice.

Our contracted furniture supplier BOF has partnered with a Bristol company to offer the reupholstery and repairs service. This company were deliberately selected as being local to the University to ensure low carbon emissions for transport. This is a more sustainable option for updating and refreshing furniture, as opposed to buying new.

Read the case study below, from Student Health Services

Refurbished furniture (PDF, 345kB)

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