Incomplete applications

We need a list of all your achieved and pending qualifications so we can assess your application. Sometimes we need to ask you for more information before we can progress your application.

If we have contacted you to ask for more detail about your qualifications, please read this page for more information about what we need. Please send the required information to the relevant admissions team. Their contact details will be in our email.

We need to know about any qualifications you have achieved that are not listed in your application.

If we have requested predicted grades, these should be sent to us by your referee with your UCAS personal ID number. We can't accept predicted grades directly from you.

Qualifications taken in the UK

Each course information page states the typical entry requirements for the most common qualifications.


Your referee should provide your predicted final grades.

We only need to know predicted unit grades if they are listed in your course's typical entry requirements.

If you are completing resits this year, please let us know your previous results as well as predictions for your resits.

International Baccalaureate Diploma

Your referee should provide your predicted grades for each subject, as well as the predicted overall diploma grade.

Please make sure you specify which subjects are Higher level and Standard level.

Qualifications made up of a variety of modules

These are qualifications such as the BTEC Level 3 Extended Diploma, Access to HE or foundation degrees. We need to know the exact name of your qualification (eg the pathway you are on) and which modules you are taking.

Your referee should provide your predicted final grades for each module, as well as the predicted overall grade.


Please provide details of units studied and grades achieved to date.

Your referee should provide predicted grades for the units you're taking this year.

If you have already completed a degree, please send us a copy of your final transcript listing units and results.

Please make sure you also include details of all your post-16 qualifications (GCSEs onwards).

Qualifications taken outside the UK

If your qualifications are from outside the UK, please see our country-specific information.

We list international qualifications under the country from which they originate, so this may not be the country you are actually studying in.

We always need full details of the qualifications you have already achieved and those you are currently studying. This includes:

  • the name of your qualifications, examination dates and examination boards;
  • major subjects;
  • any English language qualifications you are taking or have taken;
  • any resits you expect to take.

If your qualification offers different levels of study, we need to know:

  • which subjects you are studying at the higher/advanced level;
  • which subjects you are studying at the standard level.

International foundation programmes

We need to know:

  • the name of your international foundation programme (IFP);
  • the stream you are taking (if applicable);
  • the modules you are studying.

Please check that you have correctly entered the institution and the title of your course.

If we have asked for your predicted final grade(s), please ask your referee to send predictions for each module as well as your overall grade.

Please also list the qualifications you achieved after the age of 16, before starting your IFP. If any are missing, please let us know.

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