Interviews and tests

We use interviews to assess your suitability for a course, but they are also a great opportunity for you to find out if your chosen subject is right for you.

If we want to invite you for an interview or test we will send your invitation via email, so make sure you check regularly the email address that you gave on your application form. You can also see interview invitations on UCAS Track.

If you have been invited to an interview, we recommend that you read our booking guide (PDF, 582kB). We've created an interviews factsheet (PDF, 65kB) to help you prepare for the day.

Courses that always interview

The following courses always interview applicants before making an offer. This is because careers in these areas require strong interpersonal skills.

Find out what to expect from the interview for your chosen course, including locations and accessibility information: 

Veterinary Science interviews

For the Veterinary Science course, we may invite international applicants to interview, and may also interview a small proportion of home applicants. Find out more about interviews for Veterinary Science.

Maths tests for Engineering

If you are applying to an Engineering course, but you are not studying for a maths qualification at A-level standard, we may invite you to sit a maths test. The Admissions Team will contact you if this applies to you. Find out more about our maths tests for Engineering.

Interviews for other courses

Some courses will interview applicants in certain situations. You may be asked to interview if:

  • you have non-traditional qualifications; 
  • you have been out of mainstream education for some time.

You may also be interviewed for courses within the following subject areas:

  • Chemistry
  • Earth Sciences
  • Law
  • Physics
  • Psychology
  • School of Arts, including:
    • Anthropology and Archaeology
    • Film and Television
    • Music
    • Philosophy
    • Theatre
  • School of Humanities, including:
    • Classics and Ancient History
    • English
    • History (Historical Studies)
    • History of Art (Historical Studies)
    • Liberal Arts
    • Religion and Theology
  • School of Modern Languages, including:
    • French
    • German
    • Hispanic, Portuguese and Latin American Studies
    • Italian
    • Russian

Links to full information about interviews will be available on this page later in 2017.

Getting to Bristol

Information about getting to Bristol can be found on our maps and travel information page.

Need help with the cost of getting here?

We offer a means-tested travel bursary to help with the cost of getting to interviews, departmental open days and post-offer visit days.

Where to stay

If you need to stay overnight, we have teamed up with local hotels who can provide accommodation to our visitors at a discounted rate.

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