Mick’s story

Mick studied on the Building Up to Higher Education* course in 2022. He explains how this informal and engaging course helped him back into education after a 40-year break.

It was easy to feel comfortable

‘Coming from a working-class background with a poor academic history behind me, and after being out of a learning environment for approximately 40 years, I enrolled on the course in order to gain an insight into what life would be like returning to study as a mature student.

‘The informality of the course made it easy to immediately feel comfortable in what for many, unfamiliar with or returning to study, would be daunting surroundings.

‘The tutors were knowledgeable and engaging – keen to encourage all attendees' interaction, yet not pushy. This relaxed mood made for great communication between the like-minded attendees and good participation in the set tasks.

Anyone can enrich themselves

‘I fully benefitted from the course by way of an understanding of what university life entails and the realisation that, with a lot of hard work and commitment, anyone (regardless of history or background) could enrich themselves with further education.

‘Upon completion of the course, I decided to submit an application to the University of Bristol for a place on their foundation year course 2022/23, for which I have been offered a place.’

*The course was in 2022 offered under the name 'Building Academic Language and Literacy'.

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