Mature students

A mature student is a student aged 21 or above when they start their undergraduate degree. We welcome mature students and offer tailored support for adults interested in university study.

Get in touch with the Mature Student Officer to discuss your return to study options:

Return to study pathways

Find out about the various routes in to higher education, including a range of access courses, part-time and short taster courses.

Download the Adults Returning to Education flyer for more information. 

Visit us

Attend a 'Returning to Education as a Mature Student' talk at one of our events and explore study opportunities with the Mature Student Officer. 

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Prospective student queries: 

+44 (0)117 394 1048

Mature students often come to university feeling they lack something, like conventional qualifications - but the truth is they have a huge amount to offer in life experience, new perspectives and in their commitment to their studies. That's why I want us to have more mature students, and from as varied backgrounds as possible: it changes the conversation in ways that are really important for us as academics and for the rest of the student body.

Tom Sperlinger, Professor of Literature and Engaged Pedagogy
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