As part of your course you may spend time away from the main University campuses, this could be for a year studying abroad, an industrial placement or NHS clinical assistantships.

Studying or working abroad

The University’s Global Opportunities Team help to facilitate over 600 international placements every year. For example, if you are undertaking a Modern Languages degree, your third year will be spent in a country or countries relevant to your chosen language(s). This will give you the opportunity to explore the culture and society for yourself while studying at a partner institution, teaching English or undertaking a work placement.

Several non-language degrees offer options for studying or working abroad (please search for ‘with Study Abroad’ or ‘with Study in Continental Europe’ in the course titles)

For information about study and work abroad options and for details of the multiple exchange opportunities we can offer, the Bristol Abroad team can help.

Study in industry and professional experience

To provide you with real-world experience and enhance your employability, we offer multiple courses with the opportunity to spend time in industry (search for course titles including ‘with Industrial Experience’ or ‘Study in Industry’).

The Faculty of Engineering has a dedicated student facing Industrial Liaison Office (ILO) which arranges industrial mentoring and summer internships, as well as lectures by engineers in industry to give you insight into working in the Engineering sector. The ILO has close links and partnerships with over 60 companies including Airbus, JLR, Toshiba and Arup. Previous placements for Chemistry students have been with companies such as BP, Shell and Kodak.

Clinical placements

For Medicine, Dentistry and Veterinary courses, key components will take place off-campus on placements and in Clinical Academies.

Clinical Academies for the Medicine courses are located within seven NHS trusts, ranging from smaller rural hospitals to larger urban sites across the south west of England.

For Dentistry students the courses’ emphasis on clinical skills and aptitude in patient management will be reinforced by regular clinical rotations and experiences at the Bristol Dental Hospital and South Bristol Community Hospital.

For Veterinary Science and Veterinary Nursing and Bioveterinary Science students, the University has a network of ‘foster’ placements on farms and in veterinary establishments spread across the UK. Vacation time extra-mural studies (EMS) are a mandatory requirement by the UK veterinary and veterinary nursing professional governing bodies in addition to term time clinical placements.

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