Mitigations package to support your assessments 2020/21

We are committed to not letting coronavirus have a negative impact on your results and have put together a package of mitigations to support assessments for the 2020/21 academic year.

Our mitigation package

You do not need to provide supporting evidence for coronavirus-related extenuating circumstances

You can use the extenuating circumstances process to tell us if your studies have been severely affected by coronavirus, or indeed by anything else. You need to tell us the reason, so that we can support you appropriately, but everything you do tell us will be treated in the strictest confidence and you will not need to provide supporting evidence. 

You can self-certify for 24-hour exams and you can defer your seven-day timed assessments by using the self-certification process

You can self-certify to defer 24-hour exams and seven-day timed assessments without providing supporting evidence. You will need to do this before you open the assessment. You should do this if you are unwell (either physically or mentally), or if there is some other serious situation which means that you cannot complete your assessment. If you become unwell during an assessment period then you should follow the normal extenuating circumstances process.

You will be expected to take the missed assessment(s) in the resit period in August 2021. Please be aware of the risks of delayed graduation or progression if you cannot sit, or do not pass, assessments in the August assessment period. We encourage you to use self-certification cautiously, given the unknowns of the rest of this year.

You can access a guaranteed one-week coursework extension on request, without evidence

You should provide a reason for your request, but you will not need to provide supporting evidence. You should weigh the benefits of your extension against the risk of it impacting your ongoing studies.

If you have Alternative Exam Arrangements you can have two days extra time to take seven-day assessments

If you are already registered for Alternative Exam Arrangements (normally because of declared disabilities), you will automatically have nine rather than seven days to complete timed assessments. Find out more about Alternative Exam Arrangements in 2021.

We will review the performance of student cohorts graduating this year against previous years unaffected by COVID-19

Your cohort's results will be considered against those of previous years. We will adjust the overall outcomes, if there is a big difference between your cohort's results and those of previous years. We will use this process to help ensure that the pattern of marks for this year's student cohorts is not negatively impacted by coronavirus.

There are slightly different arrangements in place for undergraduates and taught postgraduate students. 

Assessment support and extenuating circumstances

Find out more about assessment support for 2020/21

Letter about mitigations assessment package 2020/21

From Pro Vice-Chancellor Education and Academic Registrar, January 2021.

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