Your course 2021/22

Find out about teaching, exams, assessment and support available for your academic studies.

Teaching and learning

We plan to deliver as much in-person learning as we safely can, including lectures, seminars, and laboratories on campus. We will retain some of the more effective elements of blended learning that have been well received by students. 

For most students, this means you should plan to be here in Bristol to engage with your course.

If you are based outside of the UK, we have support available to help you to get to Bristol.

Online study

Some courses are available to study online until you arrive. Find out which courses can be studied online.

When you arrive in the UK update your current address with the address of where you are living now.

On-campus study

Some courses are not available to study online. They are only available to study on-campus. If your course is not on the online study list, you need to be in Bristol to complete your course.

International Foundation Programme students

If you start your studies online, you will need need to be on campus by one of these dates:

  • Week 2, 4 October
  • Week 7, 8 November
  • Week 13, 24 January (start of teaching block two)

If you are unable to come to Bristol, you can complete the full year online.

Possible changes to teaching in 2021/22

We have plans so we can respond to any changes in circumstances, such as new UK Government rules on coronavirus.

We hope we can get back to as much in-person activity as possible but we will continue to deliver a mix of online and in-person activity wherever needed. This will give you opportunities to connect and meet new people.

Academic support

To help you get the most out of your teaching, we have a range of academic support available.

Equipment and IT support for online learning

As much of our teaching is online, you need access to a computer and internet connectivity to fully engage in your studies.

Although there are computers available in study spaces across campus, due to occupancy restrictions needed to keep you safe, you are unlikely to be able to access these whenever you need them.

We recommend you bring your own computer such as a laptop.

We also suggest bringing a headset with a built-in microphone which can improve the quality of audio when you are talking to someone or attending online sessions.

You also need internet connectivity from your accommodation or usual place of study. Wifi connectivity is provided automatically in University accommodation.

We provide access to the software you need for online learning and support with how to use it. Find out what IT support and guidance is available

If you need help with the costs of IT equipment or connectivity find out what financial support is available.

Problems accessing online teaching and resources

We are aware that some students will have issues with connectivity and technology, and that online teaching provides different challenges for different people. 

If you cannot take part in teaching activities, let your school office know. You must tell them once in any 7-day period.

If you are struggling to access online resources, contact your school office for support. They will direct you to suitable technical support or put alternative arrangements in place.

If you have questions about using assistive software, contact Disability Services.

What your course will look like

Content of course

The content of most courses will not change significantly. We will only make changes if we cannot deliver content in a blended way. If your course content changes significantly, we will let you know what is changing.

We are working with professional bodies to ensure accreditation is not impacted on our professional courses.

Intended awards (such as BA, MSc, BEng, MEng) will not change, though in a few cases the precise title may be amended if a placement component is no longer available.

Length of course

The length of most courses will not change.

Term dates

Find out our term dates for 2021/22.

Cost of course

The cost of courses will not change.

Suspending your studies

Find out what you need to consider before you make the decision and what you need to do if you decide to suspend.


Your transcript is a record of the unit marks you achieved and your award. It is not intended to provide a narrative of how your award was classified, or a commentary on your particular circumstances.

Libraries and study spaces

We have study spaces and facilities across the campus including study spaces in libraries, schools and faculties, and learning spaces that use a system to show if the room is free or booked over the next 3 hours. Find out what is available, where they are, and how to access them. Find a study space.

Further information

We have made every effort to ensure all details are correct.

However, since this information is subject to change, undergraduate and postgraduate taught students are advised to check the University's Unit and Programmes Catalogue for the latest course updates and these advice pages for all other updates. Postgraduate research students need to contact their research supervisor.

Unit teaching and assessment details, and other information published here, is indicative and may be altered due to changes imposed due to the current coronavirus.

Digital Induction

Try a range of activities and resources to get you ready to start your studies.

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