Living in University residences

From 17 May: changes to lockdown guidance

  • You can meet in groups of up to 2 households indoors
  • You can meet up to 30 people outdoors

If your household is large, and you meet up with another large household, remember there is a maximum limit of 30 people allowed in public spaces.

Many other restrictions remain in place. Check government guidance about what restrictions remain in place and what has changed.

Accommodation fees

Find out more about the University residence rent rebate.

Get tested

The government has asked that all students take 2 tests each week, every week they attend campus. This includes students living in residences. Find out more about testing.

University residence study spaces and music rooms

Study spaces and music rooms in university residences are open Monday to Friday from 8/9 am to 8 pm. The variation in opening time is due to cleaning being completed.

Support bubbles

Government guidance allows students to make a support bubble with another household if:

  • you are living alone, or
  • you have no other students in your household.

Find out more about support bubbles in University residences.

Interacting with your household

After the first 10 days of living in halls, you do not need to distance from people inyour halls as they are your household.

You can socialise, study together and support each other as a student community. They are important as you adapt to life in Bristol and the blended learning environment.

You are not allowed to have anyone other than those in your household inside your flat.

You can meet with others who are not in your household outside of your accommodation but must follow current social distancing guidelines.

Be respectful

Please consider the feelings and safety of people who may:

  • not be able to wear a face covering
  • feel vulnerable because they or their family members have underlying health conditions
  • come from different parts of the world and need to get used to UK guidance

Help other people to understand and follow the rules:

Support and safety

Senior and chief residents and peer mentors are here to support you while you are living in University accommodation.

Cleaning and handwashing and are still important within your household. Find out how we’re keeping residences clean and safe.

If someone in your household develops symptoms of coronavirus, get medical advice. If there is a suspected or confirmed case of coronavirus in your household, tell the University. We will support you to self-isolate if necessary, following the government guidelines.

If the UK or local alert level for coronavirus changes, we will follow government and Public Health England guidance and continue to take measures to keep you safe.

Look at our health and safety pages for more information.


Find out more about living in university accommodation during the coronavirus.

Find out how to keep your friends and community safe.

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