Campus safety

Stay safe

  • Wash your hands
  • Wear your face covering
  • Observe one-way systems
  • Stay at home if you have symptoms

Enhanced hygiene measures

We require all staff and students to wear a face covering inside buildings on campus. This includes libraries, reading rooms and study spaces.

  • exempt
  • eating or drinking
  • can keep a reasonable distance from others – for example, sitting at your office, library or reading room desk.

Students are not obliged to wear face coverings in their homes -  i.e. University owned or partnership residences, including communal areas within those residences such as study spaces, social spaces and dining rooms.

Students who are exempt can collect a green exemption lanyard from Card Services - you'll need to take your UCard with you.

Face coverings are intended to protect us all against the spread of infection because they cover the nose and mouth, which are the main confirmed sources of transmission.

Face coverings are not considered as 'personal protective equipment' (PPE). They are worn as a sign of respect, kindness, and sensitivity to each other, our communities, and those more vulnerable or at higher risk. You can find more guidance on face coverings on GOV.UK.

Sanitising stations are set up at all buildings entrances and all buildings are certified COVID-19 Secure to government guidelines.

Increased cleaning

We have revised our cleaning specification in line with coronavirus guidelines, Public Health England guidance and advice from the suppliers and manufacturers of our cleaning supplies, to include:

  • Protected time for cleaning.
  • Increased cleaning throughout the day of high use areas such as study areas, toilets, door handles and other touch points - reducing the opportunity for contact transmission.
  • Sanitising stations located at each building entrance, which students and staff will be encouraged to use alongside frequent hand washing.
  • You are responsible for cleaning study spaces by wiping down desks before you leave.

Emergency situations

Get help in an emergency

There may be occasions where emergency situations arise and need managing.

Responses to emergency situations should be considerate of social distancing measures where possible.

With reduced numbers of staff on campus, some emergency responses (for example, first aiders or Security Services) may take longer to respond than usual.

  • Security Services continue to provide a 24/7 response service.
  • University staff will be on site from Monday to Friday, but in reduced numbers. 
  • In the event of a building evacuation, you must use the nearest safe exit point, regardless of any COVID-19 specific signage or routes.
  • Prompt evacuation must take priority over social distancing considerations.
  • If you see someone having difficulty leaving the building, offer to help if you are not in danger. Otherwise notify a staff member who can arrange to get assistance. Some halls have rooms that are specially adapted for people with disabilities so, although there will be an escape plan in place, offering assistance in the early stages can be very helpful. Remember, do not put yourself at risk.
  • No one should prop open fire doors under any circumstances.
  • If you feel unwell with COVID-19 symptoms while on campus, you should follow Government advice:
  • For minor injuries such as small cuts, staff will be aware of the local first aid facilities and be ready to self-administer if necessary.
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