Look after yourself

Everyone has problems from time to time. It's important to look after yourself, so you have a happier time at University.

10 ways to better wellbeing

If you're not feeling great, try some of these activites to help you look after yourself.  

  1. Connect – with friends, family, colleagues and neighbours. These relationships can help you to feel happier and safer.
  2. Be active – join a club or society at the Students' Union because exercise can improve your mood, confidence and ability to think clearly. 
  3. Notice – it's easy to rush around or waste time on your phone. Take a look around, you could see something new or start a conversation with someone new.
  4. Learn – broadening your horizons can open doors and create opportunities.
  5. Give – even the smallest act can make you and others happier.
  6. Appreciate – the people, places and things around you.
  7. Go outdoors – nature can help to reduce any levels of depression, anxiety or stress.
  8. Let others know – keeping silent can make you feel lonely, we can’t always see the bigger picture alone. If you want to chat anonymously, get support and help on Big White Wall.   
  9. Eat well – a better diet will improve your mood, energy levels and ability to think clearly.
  10. Rest and sleep – sleep helps your body to repair and taking regular breaks can improve your focus and memory.

Find ways to boost your happiness now

Take your Happiness Pulse using this online survey to find out what makes you happy so you can look after yourself better.

Top tips for staying well

Watch Pete Burrows from our Healthy Minds service explain his Top Tips to support your mental health over the summer.

Library wellbeing spaces

Our libraries are both a place to study and a calm place to relax. Find out about our relaxation spaces.

Student Mental Health and Wellbeing Strategy

Read our our approach to Student Mental Health and Wellbeing (PDF 5,591Kb)

Student health app

Download our free app for help managing common health problems which includes first aid, personal safety, common illness and drink and drugs.  

Watch a video about the app to get an idea of the help available. 

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