How to report

We take unacceptable behaviour seriously and encourage students to report. Reporting will ensure you are provided with relevant and timely information, and help you make an informed choice about what you’d like to happen next.

I’m not sure if I want to report and would like to know more

You can either:

A member of the Student Resolution Service team will contact you to discuss your options and explain how the reporting process works.

I want to report an incident of unacceptable behaviour

Reporting a student

Complete the student unacceptable behaviour form and email it to

A member of the Student Resolution Service will contact you to help you progress your report.

You will be assigned a Student Liaison Officer who will be your main point of contact. They will make sure you understand the process and keep you updated.

Reporting a member of staff

If you wish to report a member of staff, complete the staff unacceptable behaviour form and email it to the Student Complaints and Mediation Manager (SCMM):

The team will:

  • refer complaints to the relevant HR team. They will consider it under the appropriate staff procedure e.g. the Staff Conduct Procedure. They may explore informal resolution first such as mediation, before taking further action. 
  • refer complaints relating to Free Speech/Academic Freedom to an Assessor under the Free Speech and Academic Freedom procedure.

Unacceptable behaviour does not include:

  • Legitimate criticism of a student's performance or behaviour
  • Reasonable requests made by members of staff to students. 

Find out more about staff misconduct

I want to report anonymously

Submit an online form anonymously using our Report and Support tool.

We will not be able to contact you or act on this information, but it will be used to better understand the issues impacting our university community and to shape our prevention and response to unacceptable behaviour.

Contact us

If you need advice or would like to speak with a member of the Student Resolution Service, email:

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