Study Abroad and Erasmus students

If you are in Bristol for your Erasmus+ or Study Abroad programme there is some additional specific information you need to know.
Make sure you read the rest of our information for new students too.

Find accommodation

Erasmus students

You will need to find somewhere to live in Bristol.

Study Abroad students

If you do not have university-allocated accommodation, you will need to find somewhere to live in Bristol.

When to arrive

You need to be in Bristol by Wednesday 22 January 2020.

If you need to look for somewhere to live after you arrive in Bristol, you will need to arrive earlier to find accommodation.

Registration and orientation

Before you arrive, you will be invited to registration and orientation sessions.

Study Abroad students

You will attend a compulsory orientation on Wednesday 22 January 2020.

Erasmus+ students

You will be invited to a welcome session in your relevant academic department during the first week of term.

Tuition and accommodation fees

Your offer letter includes information about your tuition and accommodation fees.

Tuition fees

Exchange students

Students coming to Bristol as part of an exchange partnership do not pay any tuition fees to the University of Bristol. If you receive an invoice for tuition fees, contact the Global Opportunities team.

Sponsored students

If you are coming to Bristol through a programme provider or if your home university is paying your tuition fees on your behalf, you are classified as a ‘sponsored student’. Your sponsor will be invoiced following your registration. If you receive an invoice for tuition fees directly, contact the Global Opportunities team.

Self-financing students

You will receive an invoice for your tuition fees following your registration. If you want to pay the balance of your fees in instalments, please contact the Student Fees team.

Accommodation fees

Your accommodation fees are due when you take up your place in University accommodation.

The Student Fees Office will send you an invoice at the beginning of each term. If you arrange payment online, the invoice will be for your records only.

The total fee due can be found on your Acceptance of Student Accommodation document.

If you are being sponsored for accommodation, your invoices will be sent directly to your sponsor. If you receive an invoice in error, contact the Global Opportunities team.

Information for new international students

You can find lots of helpful guidance about how to get to Bristol and how to plan for your arrival on our pages for new international students.

Erasmus Student Network

If you are an Erasmus or Study Abroad student, you can join ESN Bristol, part of the Erasmus Student Network.

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