Find out how to register so you can start your studies and become part of our community.

Registration is a two-part process:

  1. Register online
  2. Start your Studies confirmation

Some students must also complete a Right-to-Study check.

Register online

You will need:

  • your student number (found at the top of your offer document) or your UCAS personal ID (undergraduate students only).
  • your family name and date of birth.

How to register online

  1. Check your details are correct.
  2. Confirm your acceptance of the Student Agreement conditions.
  3. Create a password for your University of Bristol accounts. Keep it secure until you have memorised it.
  4. Download and save your 'Certificate of Registration' as this contains information for example your student number and faculty.
  5. Download and save your Document Checklist if one is created for you.
  6. Gather any documents stated on the Document Checklist if one is created for you. 

If you have decided not to study or you want to defer until next year, contact your faculty and do not register online.

When to register online

Online registration will open from 7 to 18 September.

Start your Studies confirmation

You need to confirm you are ready to start your studies after you have registered online and before you start your induction.

Information about how to start your studies will be available soon. 

Transfer, defer or withdraw

If you are not able to start straightaway or want to transfer or withdraw contact your faculty or tell us on the Start your Studies form.

Additional registration requirements

Some professional programmes like medicine, require additional checks to complete registration. Your faculty will contact you about what is required.

Right-to-Study check

If your nationality indicates you are subject to immigration control, a Document Checklist will have been created when you completed online registration which confirms you need to complete Right-to-Study check.

University ID card (UCard)

If you plan to be on campus during your studies you need a UCard which gives access to campus facilities.  Find out how to get your UCard.

Problems with registering

Contact your faculty office if you are unable to register online.

Registration deadline 18 September

If you can't register online and provide a photo by the deadline, please do so as soon as possible.

There may be a delay collecting your University ID card (UCard) when you arrive if you miss the deadline.

After you have registered

Once you have registered online you have access to your University of Bristol account. This includes your email and Blackboard our online learning platform. You can also access online materials.

Find out more about the IT systems and tools available to help you get the most out of your learning.

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